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Blondie + Biscuit 2023

Whittaker's + Breakout Room 

The brief: To create a bold & attention grabbing campaign for Whittaker’s latest product development, at a time when Chocolate Lovers were experience “New Product fatigue”. 

The idea: 
To bring to life the limited edition “fling” between Blondie and Biscuit, a romantic DM-style campaign was created from REAL Blondie chocolate and homemade biscuits. Showcasing the expert craft & supreme ingredients in each and every Whittaker’s block. 

A tease “Flirting Billboard” took over a key LUMO Billboard site in Auckland for Valentine’s Day. With cheeky messages being sent between Blondie and Biscuit, before revealing the new block two days later on launch.

The romance then continued nationwide with street posters, an extensive social & digital campaign, cinema bumpers, TV on Demand and sampling activity. 


Creative team: Myself (Creative Lead), Amber Arden (Creative Lead & GM), Victoria Baldwin (Photographer), Ben Lockwood (Retoucher), Robert Chapman (Designer). 

Best Award winner 2023 – Bronze – Design Communication

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