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The Service – 2023

Personal business

The Insight: People are so different, unique, full of their own personality in life. Yet how they’re remembered in death is often not visually articulated through the portrayal of their service or memorial. Ironically, it’s an industry which still has a lot of room for more “life”.

Services are becoming more and more personalised, gone are the days of a standard religion and structure. Whānau and friends want to be able to put more of a personalised touch befitting of their loved ones on a service and all the memories around it. Yet there's few options to do this. So a delicate yet beautiful design challenge awaits. 

The idea: Introducing The Service – thoughtful designs for when you need the most in life. Modern, personality-driven memorial & funeral design templates to better encapsulate the spirit of loved ones' when they pass. 
Available to purchase on Etsy here


Creative team: Myself (Business Owner / Creative Director), Kim Zhou (Junior Designer), Emma Henderson (Junior Designer) 

TS0021 - INSIDE.jpg
TS0014 - OUTSIDE II.jpg
TS-0003 OUTSIDE.jpg
TS0004 - INSIDE.jpg
TS0013 - OUTSIDE II.jpg
TS0016 - FRONT.jpg
TS0018 - INSIDE.jpg
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