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FCB New Zealand 2016

The Draftie Awards 2016

The brief: To create an event identity for FCB's annual internal award show - The Drafties.


The concept: What makes a Draftie? The work.


So for the Draftie Awards identity 2016 we created a concept based around the work which makes FCB staff members worthy of winning one of these much sort after awards. We highlighted a key quality for each award category in a fun & quirky way, tying it back to the FCB workplace - the place where all the magic happens.

​Creative Team: Myself (Art Director / Creative / Stylist), Mitchell Crowe (Copywriter / Creative), Chloe Baxter (Designer / Photographer), Michael Braid (Photographer)


DINZ Best Awards Bronze – Colour

DINZ Best Awards Finalist – Self-promotion

FCB1798 Drafties_Colour_01.jpg
FCB1798 Drafties_Self Promotion_01.jpg
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