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Best Awards Self-Promo – 'Is it a Picky?'

Picky Limited. 

The idea: With a teeny budget (basically, the cost of a Best Awards submission) we needed a clever way to get in front of our designer target audience.

At the heart of our business lies an interesting tension – how do we showcase our high quality mock images without “spoiling” them. Potential overuse of an image through our own self-promotion, or re-sharing our clients use of a Mock, runs the risk of making Picky less attractive to our audience.

So we thought, why not promote ourselves within a Best Awards entry? A place where Picky is already being used by other agencies and studios as part of their good-looking entries.

So we pose a simple question to everyone looking at this years’ Best Entries – “Is that a Picky image?”

Using the supporting image placements we created a series of typographically led “mini billboards” in our signature design style. Each describing a popular in-situ mockup image found within the entries of Best. The ultimate aim being to get into the minds and eyes of judges, Awards night participants and website scrollers, to question which entry images may or may not be Picky images.


Creative team: Myself (Creative Director & Copywriter), Lauren Burton (Co-founder)

Best Awards Finalist 2023 – Self Promotion category

Best Awards - Is it a Picky_ - FINAL2.jpg
Best Awards - Is it a Picky_ - FINAL6.jpg
Best Awards - Is it a Picky_ - FINAL4.jpg
Best Awards - Is it a Picky_ - FINAL5.jpg
Best Awards - Is it a Picky_ - FINAL3.jpg
Best Awards - Is it a Picky_ - FINAL7.jpg
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