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Vodafone New Zealand August 2016

NZ's Best Best Mate

The brief: To do something epic to get young peeps talking about Vodafone's new sub-brand – Vodafone Mates.

The idea: To find New Zealand's Best Best Mate.


A Best Best Mate would maroon themselves on a tiny barge, so their mates could win an all expenses paid trip to Fiji. The longer they stayed, the longer their mates did. And the more horrible challenges they completed, the better the deal for their mates on holiday.

We found Meg, the ultimate Good B. Who sat on a barge in Auckland harbour, amidst a weather bomb for 8 days, all for her mates. 


We gave Meg a phone, so she could take over all of Vodafone Mates' social channels, while keeping in contact with her mates in Fiji. We also teamed up with The Edge radio & TV station to bring the antics of good-mate-Meg & her Fiji buddies live to the nation all week long. ​


Creative team: Myself (Art Director / Creative), Mitchell Crowe (Copywriter / Creative), Russell Chambers (Creative), James Mok (ECD)

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