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New Zealand Fire Service June 2016

Made from Remains

The brief: We're constantly bombarded with reports of house fires, yet New Zealanders still weren't installing or checking to see if their smoke alarms were actually working. 

The idea: We mixed ash from local house fires into the ink of newspapers across NZ, to bring to life the dangers of not having a working smoke alarm in an emotional way.

We then retargeted Kiwis online with messages to check or buy smoke alarms (through a partnership with retailer The Warehouse). Many retailers completely sold out of smoke alarms.


Creative team: Myself (Art Director / Creative), Mitchell Crowe (Copywriter / Creative), Tony Clewett (ECD)


D&AD 2017 – Wood pencil – Use of Publication​

Design Institute of NZ Best Awards – Gold – Colour Category

CAANZ AXIS Awards NZ – Gold– Newspaper Single Execution​

CAANZ AXIS Awards NZ – Silver – Newspaper Campaign​

CAANZ AXIS Awards NZ – Silver – Creative use of media​

NZDM Awards 2017 – Gold – Use of Media

EFFIE AWARDS 2017 – Bronze – Social Marketing / Public Service

EFFIE AWARDS 2017 – Bronze – Most Effective PR / Experiential Campaign

BEACON MEDIA AWARDS 2017 – Best in show, Gold Public Marketing, Gold Creative Media Idea, Gold Best Collaboration

Winner of the Newsworks Day of Influence Challenge – where we won $300,000 free media space to be used in print & associated online news websites.

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