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Cerebos Gregg's 2015

Have Fun with Flavour

The brief: Gregg's are a classic Kiwi brand, however they have a desparate range of products which New Zealanders don't recognise or piece together as being part of the larger Gregg's family. We needed to make NZ aware of the entire range.


The idea: "Forget the fuss, have fun with flavour." A platform to piece the Gregg's products together, with the notion of experimenting & fun at the heart of it.


The Launch & product TVC's all take a stance against the pressures placed on ordinary Kiwis from the likes of food shows like Masterchef and the perfectly plated up meals in women's magazines and on Pinterest & Instagram. Gregg's took a stand against these pressures, and reminded Kiwis to experiment and have fun in the kitchen once again.


Creative Team: Myself (Art Director / Creative), Tyne Brocklehurst (Copywriter / Creative), Tony Clewett (ECD)

June 2015 Colmar Brunton Ad Impact award for most effective TVC in NZ.

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